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How to Establish Online Social Media Marketing Business


I have been working in the social media marketing field since long. In this 7 years period, i have provided millions of subscribers and followers to my clients and earned thousands of dollars without actually doing anything. Because social media marketing has never been as easy as it is now. I have created a beautiful and professional website back in 2020, which is connected to my supplier’s website and delivers all the orders automatically to my clients. It doesn’t really matter whether they need followers, subscribers, likes, posts for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or any other kind of service because whatever order they place for any of the social media platform, it is automatically processed to the supplier and they take care of rest of the work. I only take my profit by selling the service at higher prices.

I Do prefer Online Social Media Marketing instead of Physical Social Media Marketing Agency because in Online Social Media Marketing you will need Less Capital, Less Effort, and Less Time so you can focus on your other Tasks and Projects while your Social Media Marketing Website will generate passive income for you. In this Post, I will exactly Guide you How to Make an Online Social Media Marketing Business Website and How to Promote it Online to earn $18959/Month as I did to establish my stable Social media marketing Business.

How to Establish Online Social Media Marketing Business

What is Social Media Marketing Business Agency?

It is very important to know what is a social media marketing agency and what they do. So in simple words, social media marketing agencies help brands, influencers, and individuals to increase their online presence through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others so that they can make online sales and services through these platforms.

On Instagram you can make a Business account only when you reach 10,000 Followers, Similarly, on Facebook, Your page will be monetized only when you reach 1000 followers with 15000 post engagement and on youtube, the requirements are even tougher, Your channel needs at least 4000 hours of watch time with at least 1000 subscribers to your channel. These requirements make it difficult for newcomers to make their place in an open sea of social media to be recognized and get eligible for monetization. Here is where the social media marketing agency role comes in. They help newcomers to achieve the target of monetization and help them to grow their social media audience at a fast pace.

Difference between Online and Offline Social Media Marketing Agency

The difference is very simple yet more insightful when it comes to capital, effort, and time. For an offline social media marketing agency, you must need office space, staff, at least a $30,000 budget for your new business and an ample amount of time to manage all this.

However, on the other side, the Online social media marketing Business needs less capital, less effort, and less time to manage all this. For this purpose, you only need $500 – $1000 and you are good to go with the proper strategy which we will be learning in this post later on. In terms of time, you only need 1-2 hours of your time to manage all your orders and pass them to your supplier remotely and done.

Therefore, in my opinion, Online Social Media Marketing Agency is a hundred times better than an offline Social Media Marketing agency and if you want to make money online start with a social media marketing website and earn passive income online. Once You start earning you can always take it offline.

How to Make Money from Online Social Media Marketing Business?

Very important to know that how we can make money from this business. We need a professional website and Social Media Services Provider/Supplier, We will connect Our website with the Supplier’s website with the help of API. Don’t worry No coding or anything complex will be involved. After that, we will list services we want from the supplier’s website to our website at higher rates, for example, if the supplier is providing “1000 Instagram reel views” for $5 we will be listing this service for $15 on our website. Hence when we sell this service for $10 Profit. We can add unlimited services to our website.

How to create Social Media Marketing Website

Here comes the Technical Part, but don’t worry i will walk you through step by step how to create social media marketing website. To Create this website you will need following things

  1. Good Brandable Domain Name
  2. Good Robust Web Hosting
  3. Social Media Marketing Script

1) Brandable Domain Name

Domain Name is first appearence of Your Website. Therefore your Domain name must be short, Brandable, and Easy to Remember. I can Suggest that it must contain only 2 Words and you can include Social, Socially, or something like this in Your Domain. Namecheap and Godaddy are leading domain providers in the market since 2000 therefore I recommend you to use these providers for Good Support and Easy Use Interface.

2) Robust Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where your website files are placed, therefore it is important that you choose fast and robust web hosting so that your clients should not face any difficulty while accessing your website online. I am currently using hostgator web hosting and I am very satisfied with the performance and the support they provide if I get any problem which is very rare. But there are a few more good web hosting companies like Hostinger and Blue Host, which are also good. here are a few recommendations that you must not choose WordPress hosting and choose a web hosting company that supports PHP 8.0 and good companies like Hostgator, namecheap hosting, hostinger, A2hosting and bluehost that fulfill a checklist of all requirements for creating a social media marketing website. You can also check complete list of webhosting companies here.

3) Social Media Marketing Script

This means that you have a website that allows your customers to order any service from your website and you can see that order in admin panel and fulfill this order according to your client’s need. For this purpose, if you hire someone to create a website like this, from Upwork or Fiverr they will definitely charge you around $2000 – $3000. But the good and cheapest option is to buy the script from the market and rebrand it according to Our Brand and tweaking it according to our way and start promoting our website. For this purpose, I have used SMM Matrix from Code Canyon it has a rating of 4.5 which makes it stand out of all other Scripts available in the market. I really liked this Script because it has all the features which I needed for Our Social Media Marketing Website, Which you will get to know when we move along. Also it has the functionality to fulfill orders automatically if you connected your supplier details.

So Our Total cost till now is only $140 which includes 1 year Domain and web Hosting with the script we need to develop this social media marketing website.

Script Installation on Our Web Host

You have got Domain and Web Hosting, The First thing you need to do is to Change the DNS of Your Domain Pointing towards your Webhosting, You will get the DNS of your Web hosting when you purchase your hosting account. If You Purchased Domain and Hosting from a similar company this step may not be needed.

For this Tutorial I have Purchased Domain from Namecheap and Used Hostgator Webhosting and Script SMM Matrix from Codecanyon.

Step 1 : After Buying the Domain I pointed Domain DNS to hostgator. After Login to Your Namecheap Dashboard Goto Domains, select the Domain and go to NAMESERVERS, Press Arrow and Select Custom DNS and Give both DNS Provided by Hosting Company. It may take 24 – 48 hours to take effect but usually it connects within 1-2hours.

setup domain DNS

Step 2 : Now Login to Your Webhosting and move to Cpanel. Here we have to put Website Files but in Our Case, we have Purchased SMM Matrix from Codecanyon, therefore, we need to download files from code canyon and extract it with Winrar or any other extractor like 7zip on Harddisk after extracting you will find 3 folders in it Project, SQL and Database folders You can also use their Guide.

Make Zip of “Project” Folder. And You need to upload it to File Manager >> Public_html and Unzip your Zip project folder now go to the project folder and select all files and move to public_html.

Note : Make Sure all the hidden files like .htaccess .env and other files have also been uploaded. Sometimes these files get skipped without any reason in that scenario you will get error 500 or error 404.

Uploading Web Script to web hosting
Upload website in public_html

Step 3: Now back to Cpanel we have to create database and username with all privileges. For this purpose you need to go MySQL Database Wizard

Now You need to save Database Name, Username and Password. We need to use this.

Now we need to upload Our Database provided in SMM Matrix SQL Folder. To do we need to go phpMyAdmin in cpanel. Here in the sidebar, you will see the database we created just now. Click that and from the top bar, we need to select “import” and browse the file available in the SQL folder of SMM Matrix.

Step: 4 So the Uploading Part of the website has been done. Now goto You will see the installation interface of the website.

If you have choosed good Web Hosting Like Hostgator these options will already get enabled. Or you can enable them manually by visiting phpini editor from Cpanel and checkmark missing extensions.

If Everything is in Green you can move to next step which is check permission.

In this step you need to go to File Manager >> Public_html and Find the Folders and Files to change the Permissions. Just Right Click and Change Permissions to 0775 Once Done Setup Product.

That’s it, We have Installed Script Successfully and Now we are able to use it. Here are the credentials you need to log in.

username : admin

password : admin

You can login to your Admin Panel/Dashboard through the above-given credentials. And one more thing we have to do is to setup cron job on our cpanel search for cronjob

Select One Per Minute and in Command Setting give this URL : curl -s replace with your-domain with yours

Congratulations you have completed the first and most important task to create a social media marketing business. Which is to create a website of your business.

Now We have to customize our website I will tell you each and every menu and its functionality. So When you login to Your Admin Panel you will see the interface as below given picture.

How to Customize Social Media Marketing Website

Manage Services

Add Services: In this Section, You can add Services to Your Website. Set Pricing and category of the service and can choose the minimum and maximum limit of the order. You can Add manual service or from the provider/supplier which will be fulfilled Automatically through the Supplier’s API. But if you want to opt for this option, first you need to set up Provider API, We will learn this in later sections.

Show Services: Already Added Services will be shown here, You can Activate or Deactivate any of the services here. You can also list all Services from Provider here and can add to your website as well

Manage Categories

Add Categories : You can Add Categories in this section for example PPC – AdvertisingMobile App PromotionSocial Media Growth Package, You can choose whatever categories you want to add. All Services will be Added Under Categories.

List Categories : You can find all previously added categories in this section, you can also actiavte or deactivate categories from here.

API Providers

This is very important section because if you want to automate your orders, you have to setup this section. There are a few very good API Providers, I usually recommend Justanotherpanel which is also known as JAP. Their timely delievery and proper attention to all orders make them stand alone in the market.

Add Provider: When you click it, You will see API Name, You can give the name of the supplier, in Our Case its JAP. The other two important things are URL and API, we will get these when we signup to our providers website. Signup for the Website Login and move to API Section here you will find URL like copy it and past it in admin panel similarly goto account page and generate API which should look like this 0dd1a860c0356024d7947772109d6a84 copy and paste this to your admin panel as well. Now Add Provider, Thats it You have added provider for all your orders. Now you can add services from this supplier and orders will fulfill automatically.

Note: You must Deposite some amount in Providers Panel to process the order automatically, otherwise you have to fulfill the order manually.

API Providers : Already added Providers list will be shown here.

Manage Orders

In this section of the admin panel, you can check all orders. Awaiting, Pending, Processing, In Process, Completed, Partial, canceled, and Refunded Orders. So yeah this will provide you detailed orders list of all categories. Which are properly managed and stay focused what to process and what to deliver to your clients.

Manage Users

All Users : In this section, you can see all registered users with their Email, username, Phone numbers and their deposited money. So You will be fully aware of your clients.

Send Email: This is actually a very good feature of this Social Media Marketing Business website script, that you can send Promotional Emails to your Users/clients. You can also send them notifications about new service availability or unavailability. So Use it wisely and send emails to your clients and increase your revenue.

Payment Settings

Payment Methods: In this website, we have a waste variety of payment options to choose from. which include Paypal, stripe, skrill, Perfect Money, Blockchain, coinbase,, instamojo, Payeer and Many More.

I suggest you to make accounts on all of the payment methods and give your clients waste variety of payment options so that every visitor feel easy to pay you and every visitor should convert to a client. This will increase your revenue from social media marketing business websites.

Payments Logs : In this section you can check all previously made payments.

Support Tickets

This is also a very good feature of this website, most of the scritps dont offer an internal support ticket system, you always have to use third-party websites for support ticketing systems. But in this website you have ticketing systems like Open Tickets, Closed Tickets and Answered Tickets. Therefore I am recommending SMM Matrix to all of you. It is a Complete Social Media Marketing Website Available in the Market Now.


Basic Controls : You can setup Your Website Title, Timezone, Currency, and Notification.

Color Settings : You can change Your Website Primary and Secondary Colors here.

Email Settings: Make Your Website More Professional by setting up Custom email. First of all you need to make Custom Email from your Cpanel and give all details here. Under Email settings you can also set up templates for email sendings. Use this feature for Email Marketing.

SMS Settings : Like Email Setup you can also setup SMS Sending, You can use Twilio or similar SMS Sending Services for this purpose.

Manage Languages: Yes You can Add any language on this website, In my Humble Opinion, You should choose your country’s language. Because targeting your own country will be relatively easy instead of English spoken countries.

Theme Settings

Manage Logo & SEO: First of all in this Section You can change the Logo of Your Website. As I Suggested Before First Impression of your website is very important therefore you must have a professional Logo, If you can make it by yourself that’s very good otherwise use services like 99designes where designers compete for your logo designs and you will get an amazing Logo otherwise you can also make logo on canva as well.

SEO & Meta Keywords : Setting up Meta Keywords and Meta Description is very important so in this section, you will have to set up this and utilize it properly and setup everything wisely because this will appear in search engine results and your website can rank on most of the keywords through these keywords and meta description so use it effectively.

Manage Content: In this section, you can change content of frontpage. I will not go in detail because it’s all up to you how and what you write which should convert your visitors to clients.

Content Setting: This is also similar to Manage Content Section so manage this section and your content according to however you want.

So that’s it. We are finished doing creating our Social Media Marketing Business Website. Now we need to bring traffic to our website which should convert into our clients, therefore we will not send any paid traffic we will built our own visitors/traffic which is actually interested in Our services. Below we will follow few steps through which we will surely get visitors to our website.

How to Promote Social Media Marketing Business Website.

There are numerous ways to promote your service website but I will list few of them which actually worked for me in getting targeted traffic to my website and helped me generate revenue from my social media marketing business website.

Appear on Social Media

Never Underestimate the power of social media. It is very powerful tool which most of us don’t know. if you stay away from social media you are losing at least 60% of potential revenue. Therefore the first step is to create all social media profiles like facebook pages, facebook groups, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, youtube channel, pinterest account, quora space, snapchat, and more. Once created Add your website URL to all of the profiles so that google, bing, and other search engines will see that your website have good social media presence. Once Done hold on, move to our second step

Start a Blog

We have a separate blog section on Our website, start writing the benefits of social media appearance and its growth. How social media presence can benefit business owners and much more you can write on your blog. Now you can share these blog posts on all of your social media accounts. If you want to create beautifully designed posts, you can always use canva, you don’t have to worry about post size separately for each social media platform, just select the name of the social media platform and canva will help you. By sharing these blog posts on social media platforms will impact well in search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though Ranking on Search Results for social media marketing keywords is difficult, I can assure you that by writing good blog posts and some guest posts you can definitely win Top 3 spots in google search results. I mainly focus on new keywords like “Instagram Reel Views” and “Youtube Shorts Views” these keywords can easily rank hence more visitors to your website which could convert into clients.

Direct Approach

Direct approaching is a solid strategy when it comes to social media marketing because of its high 45% conversion rate. You simply have to pick any Niche and find relative hashtags use them to see posts and then profiles, you will see who is struggling on social media and working hard using keywords still not able to grow just pick up those profiles and save them all in sheets. Once you have collected 100 – 200 lists of profiles, Start messaging them that what you do and send them your website link. If they have any questions they will ask and if they will be interested in your service they will buy your services right away. Repeat this by choosing another niche and hashtags. You can always hire a virtual assistant for this purpose from websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Email Marketing

There are 2 types of email marketing, One of them is your subscribers, who have already bought your service and you have added them to your mailing list. The other one is cold email marketing, both are very effective but when your website is new you must have to promote it through cold email marketing. First of all you need to built your email list. This is very similar to the process we did above for searching social media profiles. But for this purpose you have to find it on Google for example you chose a niche “plumbers” now goto search engine and type “plumber in Los Angeles” Google will show you websites of plumbers working in Los Angeles just go to their website and see if they have social media profiles then goto their contact us page you will find their email save it to sheets and goto 2nd result and so on and so forth. Make a list of 100 -200 Emails and start sending emails from GMass, Mailchimp, or any other service you want. But I have made a full tutorial on How to create your Own Email Sending Server You can check that out as well.

These were some powerful strategies that I used to promote and market my website and generated over $18000/month. I assure you that if you used my strategies you will also be able to get similar results because people want social media growth fast and for that purpose, they always use social media marketing promotion.


In this Tutorial, I have exactly shown you how to create a Social Media Marketing Business in under $150 budget. So If you follow all the Steps given above within 3-4 months you will be able to earn more than $10,000/month. In short you have to buy Domain from Namecheap and Hosting from Hostgator or Hostinger and SMM Matrix from Codecanyon and You will be able to create Social Media Marketing Business website within a Day. Rest depends upon the promotion and marketing of your website which I showed you how to do. Therefore take action now to get all of the above things and follow the tutorial and step ahead in creating wealth for yourself with minimum resources.

I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions feel free to use contact us or comment below i will be answering each and every question.

Ali Usama

Ali Usama is a Pakistani Blogger working as Online Freelancer since 2010. He is Father, Husband and Son of Proud Family. Currently Running Set of Successful Websites and Updating Webilex Regularly and want it to be World’s Aspirational Blog.

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