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How to get Adsense Approval Fast [Ultimate Guide]

A few months back One of my school friend Approached me and asked that I have been working on my blog and writing quality posts. But when I applied for Google Adsense they rejected my application what to do? I asked him to provide me with his website link and it was poorly built with no compulsory pages and all. So I asked him to let me work on your project and within a few hours, I created a professional blog by following google terms and conditions for him which was ready to get approved in Google Adsense, after that he applied again, and got approved in google AdSense with 3 days. I asked him to send me a screenshot of his earnings so I can include it in this post.

How to get Adsense Approval Fast

So in this post, I will be guiding you How to create your blog for Fast Adsense Approval. What are Dos and Don’ts for Google Adsense Approval? How Do I know Everything about this is simple I Read their terms and conditions, You can also read them Here. Follow all steps and you will also get approved fast. Nowadays Google Review Team manually checks all websites before approving them for AdSense, therefore it is almost impossible to get through without making your website perfect.

How to get Adsense Approval Fast

In this post, I will not go into detail that what is google adsense and how it works because you already know, now you need to know how to get AdSense approval fast. I have explained each and every step in detail so follow along to get approved in google adsense fast.

1) Choose Proper Domain Name

This is the common mistake that most bloggers do initially. They are new and they don’t know what Level-1 domains are and what their importance is. So Top Level or Level-1 Domains are like .com ,net .org and .co Google review these things strictly they do not want crappy domains for their advertisers and my friend was also doing this mistake he was using Weebly subdomain which is not accepted by google at any cost. Either people don’t want to invest initially or they are unaware of the fact that this is really important to have a level-1 domain for your blog. You can get really cheap domain name from Namecheap for just $9. And If you get their $24/Year Namecheap Webhosting You will get a Domain name free. So Why not get Webhosting with a free domain for a year, we need it as our next step.

2) Get Robust Web Hosting Account

As Earlier said we will need a web hosting account because we will be making a WordPress blog on it to get approved by Google Adsense. We can also use blogger for free hosting but if you want a fast, reliable, and professional blog you must create it on WordPress. And For WordPress, we need Robust and Fast Web Hosting. I Recommend NamecheapHostgator, and Hostinger because I have used all of them they provide SSD for a fast user experience and google loves it because google doesn’t want their users to have slow websites. Therefore if Your Blog loads faster and has a good user experience google Adsense review team will accept your blog fast.

Note : Donot Choose 1 Website hosting because if at some point you want to make more money and you want to add one more blog or services website you can add more websites to your web hosting.

3) Install Clean WordPress or Blogger Theme

This is a very important step in creating your blog for AdSense approval. Because as I said previously user experience is very important in the google review team’s eye. They evaluate websites on basis of user experience therefore install a clean WordPress theme for your blog. I used the Astra WordPress theme for my friend’s blog you can also use the following themes for Adsense Approval

  1. Jannah
  2. Newspaper
  3. JNews

Above all themes have AMP Functionality which means you place your ads perfectly to your blog and all have clean look. You can also use any of the free themes like Genesis, Astra and ColorMag. If you want to learn How to Create the Perfect Blog You can visit this Link.

4) Create Proper Menus for Your Visitors

Proper Navigation is very important for Your Blog Because if visitors don’t know where to access your blog’s content, that will be another difficult user experience and as you know google loves an easy user experience. My Friend’s Blog Menu was poorly distributed and some of the pages in the menus were empty. This is deceptive and google doesn’t like it all. So if you have placed something in your menus it must have content in it. And specifically, it is important to Add Header Menus more than footer menus. If you did not add Footer Menu that will be Ok but Header Menu must be made so that users and the google adsense review team can check your Blog content easily.

5) Add at least 6 Categories to Your Blog

Categories of a blog

Distribute Your Content in Different categories so that you can make menus and that will be easy for your visitors to access your blog’s content. Creating Categories will make your blog’s content easy to access and again provide easy user experience which is loved by google review team. Therefore keep in mind to create at least 6 possible categories of your blog’s content.

6) Add 25+ Unique Articles to Your Website

Almost Done! We have come far in creating Our website for Adsense Approval. Now Its Time to Add Content on Our Website. Make Sure that Your Content/Posts are Unique and written by Yourself or your writer otherwise google review team can reject your blog for not having quality content. There are some requirements for the Posts quantity and quality.

Quality of the Posts

For Quality posts, You must not Copy and Paste Content. And You also have to create engaging and valuable posts for Your visitors. Posts must have 700 – 5000 words with custom images. To keep track of your words and posts you can install word count plugin on wordpress

Quantity of the Posts

Create at least 20 posts for your blog. This is mandatory that you must have at least 20 Posts containing at least 700 words. After creating 20 posts you should wait for at least a month before applying for Google Adsense.

7) Create Policy Pages

It is written in Google Adsense Terms and conditions that the website must have policy pages especially the privacy policy and contact us page. In Addition, if you are providing any kind of service you can also add terms of services. I recommend you add these pages in your secondary menu which will appear in the footer or top bar.

Pages for Blog

8) Add Your website in Google Search Console

Yes, Must Add your website to the google search console because once added google will start recognizing your website and it will start getting indexed in google search results. This will impact positively in getting approved for google Adsense because google’s team will check that your blog is already indexed and appearing in search results.

Another benefit for search console is that when your blog start appearing in search results you will get traffic and you will also get to know on what position your blog post is appearing. So that You can Improve quality of your posts if needed.

9) Provide Sitemap of your website

If you want google to index all blog posts fast then you must submit a sitemap to the google search console. To create a sitemap of your website you need to install a plugin known as All in one SEO then go to the sitemap section and copy the URL of your sitemap. Now in the google search console, you need to go to sitemaps and submit this URL.

submit sitemap to google search console

Once Submitted, Google Bots will now read your content in a few days check the layout of your website, and index all your pages and posts in the google search console. I suggest to my clients that you should manually request a post URL for Indexing. For this Purpose go to Google Search Console >> URL Inspection >> Submit each URL in Search Bar and Request Indexing as given Below.

This will help all posts to Index Faster than submitting Sitemap.

Note: If your blog is new it will not get indexed fast and can take up to 7 days to index all posts and pages. Therefore it is recommended to have patience and do not apply for google Adsense before indexing all posts.

10) Drive some traffic to Your Website

Some People take traffic very seriously and if they don’t have traffic to their website they will not apply for Google Adsense but this is a misconception. For Google Adsense, your website doesn’t need any traffic, unlike ezoic and mediavine Ads. But it is recommended that share your blog on your social media so that your friends and family visit your blog and you may have a chance to earn money with Google Adsense.

Apply for Google Adsense

Great Job! You followed all the Requirements which google needed from your blog to get approved in Google Adsense. Therefore Its Time to Submit your blog in google Adsense and Hopefully it will not take more than 2-3 days to get approved. In Some Cases, it can take up to 2 weeks so be prepared and don’t worry because you have done everything correctly on your blog.


So it is concluded that having Professional Blog with Catchy Domain and Unique Content is important to get approved in Google Adsense. So If You are struggling go and Buy Namecheap Hosting with Free Domain Setup WordPress on it Install upload Clean theme and start posting, After teaching 20+ Posts Submit your blog in Search Console after getting indexed in Google apply for Adsense. It’s that simple but Let me tell you that if you will not take the first step it will be very difficult for you to make money online especially with google Adsense. I hope that I inspired you and you will take this first step by following this post. Wish you the best of Luck.

Ali Usama

Ali Usama is a Pakistani Blogger working as Online Freelancer since 2010. He is Father, Husband and Son of Proud Family. Currently Running Set of Successful Websites and Updating Webilex Regularly and want it to be World’s Aspirational Blog.

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